About Company

About the company

Over 25 years of business, Div Exports Pvt Ltd has been subject to various experiences and oppurtunities since its establishment. Div Exports Pvt Ltd is catering to numerous leading leather product buyers across the globe. Our product ranges from high end fashionable ladies handbags to wallets, men bags, backpacks, duffle bags to all small leather goods. It is through our persistence and devotion to quality that we have emerged successful in our vision as a company. The company is growing under the able leadership of our present Managing Director Mr. Divij Jain under the guidance of his experienced Uncle Mr. Ashok Poddar. Mr. Divij has an in-depth exposure to the International Market as he spent 5 years in Europe, which is credited to our capability to adapt to the quickly-changing market. This has drawn light towards the fashion industry and allows us as a company to be innovative, develop new products and leathers, and provide the market with more to choose from. Our already skilled workforce has only improved, giving us more confidence in taking calculated risks, and with the right setup, we know how to make these risks a success.

Ashok Poddar

Mr. Ashok Poddar, the director of Div Exports Private Limited is a pioneer in the field of leather technology and tanning process. With vast experience of forty years in the above field. Working with some of the leading brands worldwide.

Divij Jain

Divij Jain is a young and dashing director of Div Exports Private Limited. He has a detailed exposure of International Market being domiciled in the U.K for more than 5 years. Under the guidance and leadership of Ashok Poddar, he has developed a sound knowledge of the leather Industry.


The production facility is spread over an area of 20000 sq ft which is equipped to capacitate 10,000 bags and 30,000 wallets per month. As one of the highly regarded leather goods manufacturer of Kolkata, India, we have extremely skilled artisans and modern and upgraded machines to provide high quality products to the customers. Along with this, we have designated Sampling and R&D Departments that facilitate your journey with us in developing the right product for you. Other areas of facilitation are our Material and Packing unit which is capable of developing customized materials, and procuring on your behalf.


Mr.Ashok Poddar who is a pioneer in the field of leather technology and tanning process with a vast experience of 40 years runs the production of finished leather at our tannery. The capacity of our tannery is 350,000 square feet of finished leather per month. Our tannery unit produces a range of products which include shoe lining leathers, upholstery leathers, gloving leathers, and leather for products. Some of the hides we work with are cow, sheep, goat, buffalo, cow calf, and buffallo calf.